Get Involved

The Tow Center is integrated into the Journalism School, where we provide journalism students and working journalists with the skills and knowledge to lead the future of digital journalism.

There are various ways in get involved with the Tow Center.

+ Contribute to our blog — we’re always looking for people to cover events, tell us How It’s Made or write tips and tutorials. Contact Tow’s DMA Shiwani Neupane  at if you’d like to contribute.

+ Come to a Tow Tea or tell us who you’d like to hear from at a tea. Teas are held every other week, whether or not a guest speaker is scheduled.

+ Suggest an event. If you want to see a panel discussion, hackathon, festival or workshop about the practice of digital journalism, innovations in storytelling online, let us know.

+ Propose a research project.

+ Apply to the dual degree program