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The Tow Center is integrated into Columbia Journalism School, where we provide journalism students and working journalists with the skills and knowledge to lead the future of digital journalism.

There are various ways in get involved with the Tow Center.

Contribute to our blog | We’re always looking for people to cover events, tell us How It’s Made, or write tips and tutorials.  Contact the Tow Center at towcenter@columbia.edu if you’d like to contribute.

Subscribe to our newsletter |  A regular digest of upcoming Tow Center events, blog posts, research findings, Tow Report launches, Tow Center news, and announcements. Subscribe here.

Come to an event | The Tow Center plans a full schedule of events throughout the year, including bi-monthly Tow Teas, monthly computational journalism lectures, and a variety of conferences and workshops. Unless otherwise indicated, these events are free and open to Columbia Journalism School students, Columbia University affiliates, and the public.

Volunteer at our events | towcenter@columbia.edu — we’re always looking for people to live blog, live tweet, take photos, and help with event logistics. Contact the Tow Center at towcenter@columbia.edu if you’d like to volunteer.

Suggest an event | If you want to see a panel discussion, hackathon, festival or workshop about the practice of digital journalism, innovations in storytelling online, or data journalism let us know.

Apply to the dual degree program in Computer Science and Journalism

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