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Evelyn Moreno

Evelyn Moreno is the project manager for the Metamorphosis research group at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Evelyn’s work focuses on civic engagement and community-based participatory research that aims to impact policy and social change. For the past eight years, Evelyn has developed extensive ties with LA communities and organizers in her role coordinating projects and providing support for community-based research. Evelyn also manages the translational research site MetaConnects that networks more than 100 Los Angeles community organizations. Evelyn holds a B.A. in Urban Applied Anthropology from USC, and an M.A. in Public Administration from USC’s Price School for Public Policy. Working with Daniela Gerson and Andrea Wenzel, Evelyn is a co-researcher and community outreach coordinator on this project.

Tow Center Project:

Engaging communities through solutions journalism is a collaborative research project that will assess how audiences process local solutions-oriented stories, and their online and offline behavioral intentions. Adapting stories developed through a Metamorphosis research group project connecting South Los Angeles community organizations and local media, South LA residents will participate in focus groups exploring the impact of solutions-oriented community-based journalism. The project will make recommendations for a model for solutions journalism interventions that may be particularly useful for diverse communities.