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Brian House

Brian House’s artistic and academic work traverses alternative geographies, experimental music, and a critical approach to data. He is currently a doctoral student at Brown University in the Music and the Modern Culture and Media departments, and his work has been shown by MoMA in New York, MOCA in Los Angeles, Ars Electronica, Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, and Eyebeam, among others.

The Templeton Project will devise and use novel sensor technology to travel across interspecies boundaries to tell the story of several weeks in the life of New York City from the perspective of its least-loved resident: Rattus norvegicus. The team is intrigued by the possibility of up-ending people’s perceptions of rats by getting New Yorkers to identify with the creatures in unexpected ways and to discover the stories we share. The project aspires to gather new scientific insight into rat behavior, but, in addition, the team–Marguerite Holloway, Brian House and Jason Munshi-South—want to provoke people to see rats in a different way, to connect with their rhythms and experiences and, ultimately, to feel the city as a rat does.