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Priyanjana Bengani

I started the dual degree with no prior experience in journalism after spending eight years building equities trading systems. Walking away from finance was hard to do, but I was intrigued by the possibility of sitting at the cusp between journalism and technology, and seeing how far we could push technology in the name of journalism. The dual degree, it seemed, was set up for exactly that.

Over the last two years, I’ve developed new technical skills whilst learning the fundamentals of reporting and storytelling. This led to a bunch of interesting projects, including a master’s project with a research and technical component focusing on storytelling in augmented reality, a tool to determine the extent of any user’s Twitter filter bubble, a group effort that experimented with dynamic narratives, and a summer research gig at Tow focusing on the computational part of the Platforms and Publishers project.

My interests today aren’t that far off from where I started back in 2015: Technology for technology’s sake is great, but let’s find ways to push it further to create all-round compelling experiences for our readers and users.