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Rashmi Raman

Rashmi graduated with a major in computer science from Pune University, India. Following this, she worked for 6 years in HSBC’s software division dealing in their internet banking product.

She did find banking interesting but she was always passionate about journalism (being a self proclaimed news nerd). She was looking for ways to combine this passion with her interest in technology. During one of her many visits to the J-school’s website, she stumbled upon the then newly announced dual degree masters program in journalism and computer science and realized that this was the opportunity she was looking for. During her time at Columbia, she also interned with AOL Patch in their editorial operations team and helped with their 2012 election and Hurricane Sandy coverage, as well as a project for comparing and visualizing school data.

Her Masters project was to build an iPhone app to help structure reporting data. She was also involved in building the initial website for The Big Roundtable. Following graduation, she worked as a Senior Developer at Bloomberg on their news and media websites as well as various editorial tools like the CMS and site curating engine.

She is most interested in problems involving the distribution and presentation of journalistic content and measuring its success.