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NewsLynx: The Impact Platform – Launch Event

June 4, 2015 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: Brown Institute for Media Innovation
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As the public sphere grows increasingly complex and the funding sources for journalism change, researchers and working journalists alike are asking “what does our work do in the world?” This question has become all-the-more pressing as content is filtered and curated online with metrics like “clicks” and “attention minutes” which are often disconnected from journalistic goals.

A year ago, Tow Fellows Michael Keller and Brian Abelson announced the development of NewsLynx: a tool for newsrooms to keep track of their journalism’s impact – and what happens in the world after reporters publish their work. NewsLynx combines quantitative metrics with qualitative annotations.

Keller and Abelson will speak on the development of NewsLynx, and present their findings.  They will then be joined by a panel to further analyze the implications of the project and speak to larger matters of metrics and impact in the practice of digital journalism.

For further background on the NewsLynx project, see more from Keller and Abelson on the Tow Center blog, here:

RSVP for the event via Eventbrite