Google Fusion Tables Map Manager

A tool for creating and managing, exploring and publishing Google Fusion Tables maps that have one or more layers.

Google Fusion Tables Map Manager serves two major functions:

1. Additional functionality the Map Manager provides for Google Fusion Tables maps:
*It provides a template fileset for layering the data from between 1 and 5 Google Fusion Tables maps on a single, customizable Google Map.
*It provides custom CSS for styling the layout of the map’s metadata, such as a headline, deck text, data source and key image.
*It provides some custom control for the behavior of the map, including which included Fusion Tables layers should have their infowindows enabled, as well as the default center coordinates and initial, minimum and maximum zoom levels allowed on the map.

2.Data management for Google Fusion Tables maps through the Map Manager:
*As organizations generate Google Fusion Tables maps, it can be difficult to keep track of which maps have a live version published somewhere on the web.
*Conversely, even for the owning organization, it can be cumbersome to determine which Google Fusion Table drives a particular published map view.
*Finally, the automatically generated iframe code for these maps does not include much of the relevant metadata required for publishing, such as the hed, dek, key and source.