Mashable’s Social Good Summit Storified

The Global Conversation about Mashable’s Social Good Summit

Mashable held its third annual Social Good Summit from September 22-24. The conference, held during UN Week, aims to address global issues by connecting big thinking with technology. Sonia Marie Paul reported on it for the Tow Center, here are her takeaways:

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What are people doing to make the world a better place? This might sounds like a lofty goal, but that was the question asked at Mashable’s Social Good Summit. The conference’s focus on “social” framed the conversation around the idea that technology and social media can help spread ideas, inform citizens and connect people working with different causes. Here’s a brief video to help you get a better idea:
Social Good Summit 2012 opening dayericssonpress
While the three-day conference was located at at New York’s 92nd Street Y, meetups also took place all over the world, with people uploading photos and videos to show proof and share ideas.
昨夜参加させてもらったけど、この波は乗らなきゃね!| Social Good Summit Sep 22-24, 2012 @mashable #sgsTOKYO #sgsglobal石山城(Tokyo)
Social Good summit Tokyo meetup Thank You!!! #sgstokyo #sgsglobal笠原 孝弘
Lleno total en una d las salas del #sgsMadrid Picture of assistants to Madrid meetup #sgsglobal today. Thanks everybody Tato
@jaco_cilliers talking about social innovation & volunteerism #SGSGlobal #Uzbekistan wt @unictashkent @BoburKomilov
The Social Good Summit in Somaliaundp
With such a social conference billed under the hashtag #SGSGlobal, you can imagine what the interwebs looked like. The hashtag was used to organize meetups, as well as by the attendees to tweet out facts and ideas from the numerous leaders, activists and organizations who headlined different panel discussions.
A child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive past age 5. #Promise4Children #SGSGlobal @hollygordon @officegsbrownUNICEF
#Fact: 780 million women & children breathing kerosene fumes = inhaling 2 packs of #cigarettes a day according to the #WorldBank. #SGSGLOBALEvans Wadongo
"There is no silver bullet to change the world, but educating girls is like silver buckshot." @NickKristof #SGSGlobal 360
Discussions at the summit included the power of cellphones and mobile apps to help disseminate information and encourage civic participation. Online activism, internet freedom and the future of journalism were also core topics.
5 billion ppl will have #mobile #broadband by 2017 says @Ericssonsustain CEO Hans Vesterberg speaking at @UNBBCom #SGSGlobalpaul conneally
"@WFPUSA: "90% of world has cellphone signal…More ppl have cellphones in Africa than US" enormous potential to educate empower #sgsglobal"Ahmed Shihab-Eldin
Using gaming & creative online platforms for social good.Change birthed by apps that involve participatory learning #SGSGlobal #Garbagea.comAsher Jay
On Internet freedom in #ArabSpring MT @socialgood: Surprise guest at #SGSGlobal @ItsPeterGabriel interview by @rasiej! Mukherjee
Tim @timcast Pool, an independent journalist, utilizes webcam and cellphone to #livereport and broadcast the Occupy Wall Street. #SGSGlobalAries Setiadi
Very pleased to join the Social Good Summit on 9/23 for a chat w @Mashable. We’ll talk #UNGA, tech tools & public service. #SGSglobalSusan Rice
And yes, Susan Rice is Ambassador Rice, the US representative to the United Nations. Digital diplomacy was another featured topic at this year’s summit.
"When I first started using Twitter, I thought it might cheapen diplomacy, but I was so wrong." @AmbassadorRice #SGSglobalFHI 360
@AmbassadorRice says the State Dept is using social media as a tool to gather and share important information in the field. #SGSGlobalEmily McKhann
But along with discussions about the power of the internet, came talk of its threats. Concerns about issues such as privacy and cyber security kept coming up throughout the conference.
#sgsglobal "If you knew the amount of data the campaigns had on you, you would turn your machines off." @JoeTrippi #privacy @ACLUKatie Smith
Google Earth is powerful. Great tool and inspiring, but also a little scary. Does utility of awareness trump privacy? #SGSGlobalAnna Callaghan
Janet Napolitano @DHSgov on #cybersecurity: "Minimize risks 2b target of attack,share information,best practices, & new #tech " #sgsglobalBeatrice Frey
Aside from praising the power of social media and technology, nearly everyone at the summit agreed these tools were pointless for social good unless people actually had ideas behind them.
"Social media is just the tool. We–the connected people of the world–are the agents of change." #SGSGlobalGates Foundation
"Data by itself is useless… Data is only useful if you apply it," @todd_park says. #SGSGlobalMashable Social Good
"We’re living at a time where anyone can be a diplomat. All you have to do is hit send." -Sec. Clinton #SGSGlobal #socialgoodjoinRED
Conversation about the internet quickly turned to everyone’s favorite meme: the LOLcat. Turns out, there was actually much advice to take away from the kitties.
3 key lessons from @YouTube cat videos: tell universal stories; engage regularly & be surprising original & action packed, #SGSglobalJayne Musumba
This is just a sprinkling of the topics and ideas from the conference, see Mashable’s full coverage for more details:
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