Measuring impact with NewsLynx: The Impact Platform

On Thursday, June 4, 2015, we hosted Tow Fellows Michael Keller and Brian Abelson to present their Tow-Knight paper, NewsLynx: A Tool for Newsroom Impact Measurement.  The release of the paper coincides with the conclusion of nearly 2 years of work on behalf of Keller and Abelson in developing a platform for measuring the impact of journalistic pieces once they have been published.  The platform combines quantitative data collection and qualitative analysis.

Keller and Abelson presented their work in conceptualizing the project and developing the platform for implementation.  Following their presentation, they were joined by: Sarah Nir, a New York Times reporter whose recent exposé ‘The Price of Nice Nails’ prompted swift responses from city and state regulators; Lindsay Green-Barber, the Center For Investigative Reporting‘s Impact Analyst; and Blair Hickman, the Audience Editor at The Marshall Project, an organization aimed specifically at amplifying the national conversation about the criminal justice system.  The group’s discussion touched on how different organizations and individuals define impact, and the myriad ways in which impact may be defined related to the goal of a journalistic product and its audience.

The event was recorded and live-streamed; the video-recording of the event may be accessed at the Columbia Journalism School YouTube channel, here.