Sensors / William Shubert on InfoAmazonia

Willie Shubert is the Senior Project Coordinator for Internews’ Earth Journalism Network. As a coordinator of a global network of environmental journalists, Willie helps make tools that enable people to connect with each other, find material support, and amplify their local stories to global audiences.

William Shubert acquainted the audience with the GeoJournalism mapping platform called InfoAmazonia, essentially a tool that journalists can pull into their stories to provide more context and evidence about an unraveling environmental issue. InfoAmazonia in particular is an interactive map that combines georeferenced environmental news articles with data on deforestation, fires, protected areas, and oil and gas concessions in the Amazon. The platform lets users upload and download news and data about the Amazon basin, expanding its database through audience engagement and participation.

InfoAmazonia is the brainchild and flagship GeoJournalism project of non-profit group Internews and O Eco, a Brazilian environmental news agency. The project was created by leveraging the vast resources of the 4,500-plus members in Internews’ Earth Journalism Network as well as using open access data from dozens of partner organizations.