Tow Fellow Nikki Usher named AEJMC’S 2014 Emerging Scholar

Nikki Usher has been named one of the four AEJMC Emerging Scholars for 2014-15. Usher is a Tow research fellow, and an assistant professor at the George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs. As a part of AEJMC Emerging Scholars program, Usher will receive funding for her project on “For-Profit News Start-ups and the Future of Journalism.”

At the Tow Center, Usher is researching on Newsroom Places and Spaces in a Post-Industrial Age. This project journeys to newsrooms that show a prominent sign of an adaptation to a post-industrial world: newsrooms that have left their buildings for smaller spaces, often entirely designed around the idea of a digital-first model, or that have repurposed their space to make way for non-journalists, hoping for synergy and a way to fill empty space. Usher also writes for the Tow blog.