Innovation Showcase

The Innovation Showcase is a public open house event where publications and the public are invited to the school to see and experience the original and innovative reporting, publishing and presentation work being done at the school, and we want *your* work to be a part of it.

The application is minimal: ~200 words describing your piece and how it is innovative, a link to the work, and a faculty contact, if applicable. The deadline for submission is April 20. Please submit your application to

The showcase will be held on May 12 and 13, and master’s projects, class projects, and pieces developed at school-related events are all welcome. We are looking for a range of media: video, audio, text, photo and visualization. We want to have a little bit of everything, so don’t worry that your piece isn’t “innovative” enough: we’re ready to be convinced! Group and individual work is eligible, and students may submit as many pieces as they like.

For more examples, take a look at projects from last year. Many of them were later published by major publications.

Selected works will be installed in the lobby, Stabile Center, and World room between 9am and 5pm on May 12, with reception and viewing from 6pm – 9pm on both May 12 & May 13. Applicants must be available to install and attend their work during these times.